Power Up for National Superhero Day, April 28

Posted by Chris Eckert on

Legend has it that on April 28, 1995 employees of Marvel Comics donned capes and set forth into the world to celebrate the inaugural National Superhero Day. Like any good creation myth, details are scarce but the story still resonates. This National Superhero Day we're all wearing a different type of mask, but there's still a superhero inside us all. 

To celebrate the world's superheroes, the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. is offering 25% off practically all of its wares: superpowers, t-shirts, costumes, BSSCo. Exclusives, 826NYC publications, and more!

Whether you're refreshing your costume and lair for the new season, or looking for a gift for a hero in your life, now is the perfect time to power up. And as always, proceeds from all BSSCo. purchases benefit 826NYC, a non-profit that encourages the exploration of endless possibility through the power of writing. 

IMPORTANT DETAILS: Discount will be automatically applied to all eligible items from Wednesday April 28 to Friday April 30, using New York City, Earth's local timezone. Products produced by our friends at Copernicus Labs, Kikkerland, SpyX, and certain others are not included in the sale. If you have any questions about the sale, please contact us!


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BSSCo. is a project of 826NYC, a non-profit that encourages the exploration of endless possibilities through the power of writing.

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