Leave It Unsolved (eBook)

Leave It Unsolved (eBook)

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It is March of 2023, in classroom 444 at The Academy For Young Writers in Brooklyn, New York, and students are tasked with writing a poem. Write about peace, write about dreams, write about fears. Students are describing happiness, joy, beauty and struggle. They’re talking about family life, home life, school life, friendships and work life. They are talking, they are writing, they are sharing and therefore they are connecting. We are all connected by questions that have answers that only lead to more questions, so we decided sometimes it’s best to Leave it Unsolved.  

Proceeds from the sale of this book benefit 826NYC, a nonprofit organization encouraging the exploration of endless possibilities through the power of writing.

Please Note: This is an eBook (interactive PDF), not a physical book you are purchasing through this page. Physical copies are also available.

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