A Whale in Space (eBook)

A Whale in Space (eBook)

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A Whale in Space chronicles the adventures of the heroes enlisted in 826NYC's Dungeons & Dragons & Writers class in the 2023-2024 school year. 

From the prologue:

You are on a planet called Exile, where the dry desert dunes
extend endlessly in every direction. And a time during which
a planet known as Earth is only a rumor. People know of the
name Earth but only as rumor, as myth, as prophecy. A place of
long, long ago.
Oasis is the name of this town that you find yourself
in, but there is not much to it besides a small shack to procure
formulated daily supplement shakes, a broken vending machine
built by Charlie Corp, and a Bounty Hunting counter run by a
rat named Burgundy.
You are parched, forced to interact with the others
seated at this tavern run by an android. You don’t remember
exactly how you ended up here, but you did remember the
crime that led you to this seat. And you remember why.
Revenge, love, redemption…the choice is yours.

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