Frankenstein Leaves a Box of Cupcakes

Frankenstein Leaves a Box of Cupcakes

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Can you imagine a planet where Frankenstein Leaves a Box of Cupcakes on your porch, humanoid cockroaches prowl the streets, doorways can teleport you home, and spaceships go *BEEP* in the night? How about an upside down world where your greatest insecurities (Zits! Crooked noses! Slanted smiles!) become your most lovable qualities, and the rules of society are reversed? If you can’t quite picture it, the students at Academy for Young Writers are here to help. Crack this book to be transported into the wild country of alternate realities and sci-fi scenarios. These writers entertain, terrify, interrogate, poke fun, talk back, and venture forth into uncharted territory of their own creation. Strap into your rocketship, grab your favorite gooey green beverage, and get ready to ponder the human–and alien–condition through these beautiful, strange stories.


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