Gootonium: Polychromatic Nebula Putty

  • $ 12.00

Our scientists have been working on making the most iridescent putty known to humankind. Using cutting-edge research, we have crafted the most multi-hued putty ever seen. Polychromatic Nebula putty features an array of colors that have never before been discovered. We invite you to explore its interstellar properties today. How do you make the best putty better? Go back to the elemental things. * Add a lot more putty - 3 x more putty. * Make it more iridescent * Improve the packaging * And have it come in a handy point-of-sale This elemental stuff is a non-Newtonian matter that acts like a fluid and a solid. It can also stretch, bounce, shatter, and other cool stuff. Soon I will be putty in your hands. 50 grams of glorious putty in a 7.5x4 hangable package and a 12-piece point-of-sale

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