Greetings from Crytor / The Adventures of the Towelettes (eBook)

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Greetings from Crytor and The Adventures of the Towelettes were produced by the adventurers in 826NYC's Dungeons & Dragons & Writers program in the 2022-2023 school years. Students embarked on a semester-long campaign of treasure-hunting and heroism, and chronicled their fantastical deeds in character point-of-view journals, histories, and scene writing, collected here in two volumes.

"I invite you to escape to the land of Crytor, the place “Where It Is Always The End of the World.” Learn of its people, its dangers, and its creatures. Let its protectors describe the events surrounding their coming together as a team and overcoming insurmountable odds and near omnipotent beings time after time through these digital postcards scribed during their adventures."
- Nicholas Martinez, Dungeon Master/826NYC Teaching Artist

Please Note: This is an eBook (interactive PDF), not a physical book you are purchasing through this page.

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