SpyX Micro Periscope - Gadget To See Around Corners

  • $ 11.99

SNEAK AND PEEK SPY GEAR: Micro Periscope is a spy toy gadget that offers endless fun for kids, enabling them to immerse themselves in spy and detective role-play adventures both indoors and outdoors. With its easy transformation from periscope to telescope, children can discreetly peek around corners and over walls. ULTIMATE SPY MISSION: The mini periscope features a periscope tube, lens swivels, mirrors, mirror adjustment knob, eye piece lens, objective lens, telescope eye piece lens, and belt clip. The main goal is to encourage imaginative play and problem-solving skills in children as they embark on spy missions and detective adventures! UNLOCKING THE SPY TOOL: Players can easily switch between periscope and telescope modes by adjusting the mirror adjustment knob. In periscope mode, extend the tube, and use the eye piece lens to look through while swiveling the Objective lens to observe in any direction. In telescope mode, adjust the mirrors to reflect images back at the user.

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