Work in Progress: Short Stories-In-Progress By Young Authors at 826NYC (eBook)

Work in Progress: Short Stories-In-Progress By Young Authors at 826NYC (eBook)

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Early in 2024, sixteen young authors met with some slightly older authors in the secret library at 826NYC to craft the wildly original, imaginative, and shenanighans-filled tales you will find in this book. In just over four weeks, we brought these stories to life.

We were so busy creating worlds where donuts struggle to rent apartments in NYC (relatable!) and billionaires with incredible brainpower discover mysterious dungeons in their backyard (just slightly less relatable!) that there wasn't a moment to spare for formatting or even spellcheck. (Really, a rocket ship almost got sucked into the moon because of a very complicated reverse magnetism issue, things were getting very serious!) You are reading these stories in their mostly original, mostly unedited form, so guess what? They're not done yet! These stories are works in progress and we're thrilled to present this snapshot of where they were at one moment in time, while their creators continue to imagine what comes next, and next, and next.

Our immense thanks to Adam Rubin for leading us through this process and coaching these stories to life.

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